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The New Jersey Water Color Society Past President's

We'd like to take a moment to honor and recognize the men and women who have served in the success and recognition of the society as the President of the Board. Thanks from all of us for your tireless efforts and support of what this organizations founding members originally intended.

1939-1940 Haynes Baldrey
1941-1945 Estelle Armstrong
1946-1947 Henry Gasser
1948 Kent Day Coes
1949-1950 Francis McQuillam
1951-1952 Everett Sahrbeck
1953-1954 Anne Cole
1955-1956 Lucille Hobbie
1957 Ruth Mitchell Wolff
1957-1959 William D. Gorman
1960-1961 Grant Reynard
1962 Norman Webb
1963 Louis Spindler
1964-1964 Lee Gaskins
1966 S. Allyn Schaeffer
1967-1968 Ray Ellis
1967-1970 Virginia Fluegel
1971-1972 Lud Thorston
1973-1974 Nat Lewis
1975 Donald Voorhees
1976 Edwin Havas
1977-1978 John C. Bermingham
1979-1981 Roberta Carter Clark
1982-1983 Nessa Grainger
1984-1985 William J. Senior
1986-1987 Anthony Ventura
1988-1989 Patricia M. San Soucie
1990-1991 Pat Denman
1992-1993 Frances McIlvain
1994-1995 Patrick G. Brannigan
1996-1998 Debbie Tintle
1999-2000 Margaret Crawford
2000-2002 Florence Rosenberg
2002-2004 Rolf Hellmich
2004-2006 Joan Ross
2006-2008 Joel Popadics
2008-2010 Ken C. Hamilton
2010-2012 Ann Taylor
2012-2014 Donna Roettger
2014-2017 Jinnie May
2017-2018 Mark deMos
2018-2020 Susanna Anastasia
2021-2023 Henrieta Maneva
Current Ann Greene




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