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The New Jersey Watercolor Society Members Gallery

As an Elected Member of The New Jersey Water Color Society we would like to give you an opportunity to share some of the work that you have been doing over the years. This is an open gallery space and is not part of the exhibition work we have on display under the exhibitions link on this site. We will display that work here for other members and the public to view. We will limit the number of submissions to four paintings per member for one year. We hope to include some work by Associate members in the future.

In order to submit your work you will have to supply a digital image of your art that can be emailed to the web master. Please contact Amanda Taylor at mandasmac@comcast.net for details on how to send your materials in.


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Marge Chavooshian

Rio Magiorre, Italy
Rio Magiorre- Italy
San Marco Venice
San Marco, Venice
guarding the rathous
Guarding the Rathous, Vienna
the tin ship charleston
The Tin Shop, Charleston

James Toogood, A.W.S./N.W.S.

Donna Senopolous
Eileen in Winter
Donna Senopolous Barn
Upper Slaughter
kingston mill
Shelly Bay, Bermuda
Schenk House
Blizzard On Fifth Avenue

Marie Natale

Donna Senopolous
Chalfonte Reflections
Donna Senopolous Barn
Service Sisters at the Blue Pig Tavern
kingston mill
Summer Sisters Sweet Indulgence
Schenk House
Summertime Carriage Ride

Joan H. McKinney

Donna Senopolous
Eureka, California
Donna Senopolous Barn
Desert Moon
kingston mill
Galveston, Texas
Schenk House
Rockland, Maine

Dorothy Ganek

Donna Senopolous
Aegean Blues
Donna Senopolous Barn
Tranquil Lillies
kingston mill
Summer Garden
Schenk House
Blue and Black

Dolores Ziegler, AWS, NWS

Donna Senopolous
Donna Senopolous Barn
Hidden Agenda II
kingston mill
Schenk House
Passionate Landscape

Lisa Grob

Donna Senopolous
Lake Mist
Donna Senopolous Barn
Spring Lake Fog
kingston mill
Sunday Morning
Schenk House
Wave Riders

Lucy Graves McVicker

Early Morning Bird Walk

Ancient History

Carol Staub






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