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The New Jersey Watercolor Society Members Gallery

As an Elected Member of The New Jersey Water Color Society we would like to give you an opportunity to share some of the work that you have been doing over the years. This is an open gallery space and is not part of the exhibition work we have on display under the exhibitions link on this site. We will display that work here for other members and the public to view. We will limit the number of submissions to four paintings per member for one year. We hope to include some work by Associate members in the future.

In order to submit your work you will have to supply a digital image of your art that can be emailed to the web master. Please contact Amanda Taylor at mandasmac@comcast.net for details on how to send your materials in.


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Ann C. Taylor

Donna Senopolous
Afternoon Stretch
Donna Senopolous Barn
Love in Venice
kingston mill
Sunday Morning at Peggy's Cove
Schenk House
San-Marco, Congregan

Donna Senopoulos

Donna Senopolous
Donna Senopolous Barn
Barn on Old
Trenton Road
kingston mill
Near Kingston Mill
Schenk House
Schenk House

Lois Sanders


Along the Way

Iris Garden


Diana Marta

Wishing Chair


Tom Valenti (www.thomasvalenti.com)

ConEd Man and Steam

Homeward Bound

Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Egypt

5th Avenue and 14th Street, View from atop the Parson's School of Design

David Lee

Chinese Still Life

Yellow Piony

Water Country

Old Tree 3

Diana Patton (dianapatton.com)

Studio Reflections

The Artist in the Garden

Maine Porch

Baha Ball

Pat Morgan

Bistro - Irish Village

Nancy's Bouquet

Roses & Violets


Allen Taylor

Morris & Eerie II

School of Kayaks

Power Shave

Out to Pasture 1

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