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About The New Jersey Watercolor Society

Formed in 1938, the NEW JERSEY WATER COLOR SOCIETY exists to further appreciation and knowledge of watercolor as a medium, and of watercolors by New Jersey artists. A "watercolor painting" is defined by the Society as a painting executed in an aqueous medium, unvarnished and framed under glass or plexiglass. The primary objectives of the Society are to secure a membership of professional watercolorists, to exhibit watercolors of exceptional quality throughout the State of New Jersey, and to further public knowledge and appreciation of paintings in various aqueous media.

Starting with twelve members in 1938, the Society has grown to over 150 full members, elected by the Society's Board of Directors according to a rigorous selection process designed to assure that members of the Society produce work, which will bring credit both to themselves and to the society.

The oldest and best-known watercolor group in the United States is The American Watercolor Society. The National Watercolor Society is probably the only other watercolor group older than NJWCS. Many state watercolor organizations have been formed since, reflecting the popularity of the medium nationwide.

Since its first Member's Exhibition at The MONTCLAIR ART MUSEUM and its first Open Exhibition at the Art Center of the Oranges, both in 1939, the Society has exhibited at THE MORRIS MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, THE MONMOUTH MUSEUM, THE NOYES MUSEUM, the Plainfield Library, the Hadley Gallery in Bernardsville, the Bareford Gallery in Clinton, the YMHA and YWHA of West Orange, ALLIED SIGNAL in Morris County, NABISCO, INC. in East Hanover, the RENEE FOOSANER GALLERY at the PAPER NHLL PLAYHOUSE in Millburn, the SCHERING-PLOUGH CORPORATION in Madison, the RIDGEWOOD ART INSTITUTE in Ridgewood, and other prestigious locations in our state.

The NJWCS is one of the few remaining organizations to judge and jury show entries from original work rather than slides. Since New Jersey is a small state, distances remain reasonable and the cooperation of members permits transportation of the paintings to be easily accomplished. In 1988 fifty years of activity was celebrated with an Anniversary Exhibition presented at THE MONTCLAIR MUSEUM, THE MONMOUTH MUSEUM, and the NOYES MUSEUM.

Once a year, the Society holds an Open Show for all New Jersey watercolor painters whose work is selected by a seven member jury of established watercolorists. Each year, the Board selects new artist members from this show and invites them to submit five of their best works for evaluation by the Board. If a majority of the Board members vote to accept an artist, that person is invited to join the Society. Once a member, that artist can enter a painting in the Annual Member's Show held in the spring . With these exhibitions, the Society continues to reach out to the public with one of the most magical of visual mediums... WATERCOLOR!


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