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Message from Jinnie May, President:

     Wow! New Jersey Water Color Society turned 76 year’s old in 2014! That’s pretty old for any society.
But unlike bread, just because we’re old doesn’t mean we’re stale! So we’re going to be introducing lots
of new changes to help keep us fresh.
     Change within NJWCS has been going on during 2013 and 2014; most of the changes were so subtle you probably didn’t even notice. Mandatory pre-registration for the Annual Open Exhibition streamlined and simplified our receiving day process tremendously. We've introduced large type Name Badges for most of our functions allowing us to get to know each other better. We’ve provided free brochures of our Annual Open Exhibition information for those visiting the Middletown Arts Center during the show. Our prospectuses, newsletters and reminders are being delivered by email saving NJWCS both time and money. Our web site photo gallery shows our terrific Members’ artwork and the
fun we have at our functions. In 2014 our new Elected Members were our guests at the annual meeting and luncheon, a little added reward for their outstanding accomplishments. We've added a travel expense for our Awards judges allowing us to branch out and attract new judges in neighboring states. This October we are moving our Annual Open Reception to the last day of the show saving members an extra trip to Middletown. Accepted paintings may be removed after the reception
      Changes in 2015 will have greater impact as we move into digital entries and make available dues renewal online.
Our web site will continue to be a tremendous source of information with many new features such as a “frequently asked questions“ area, a Learning Center with tips and web sources, and Workshop listings of classes taught by our Members. Our Gallery Search Chair will be looking for new venues hopefully spread out across New Jersey to better accommodate all of our Members.

      Many thanks go to NJWCS’s 2012-2014 President, Donna Roettger. During the past 4 years Donna was not only
a mentor, a shoulder to lean on, a voice of reason, but also a terrific friend to me and I will personally miss working
with her. Donna will assume a Past President Board position.  As always this is a Society made up of all our members both Elected and Associate and I hope you’ll consider volunteering.  In addition, please feel free to approach any
of the Board members with your suggestions, ideas and questions; we’d love to hear from you.

So as we head into 2015 please keep in mind “Change…not always welcome but usually necessary”. 

Jinnie May President NJWCS


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